Enhancing Caribbean Food &
Nutrition Security.
Repositioning Agriculture.

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Agriculture Alliance of the Caribbean is a legally registered regional organization, with its Secretariat’s headquarters in St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda.

Our Mission

To enhance Caribbean food and nutrition security by repositioning agriculture through capacity building of farmers and the institutional strengthening of farmers organizations.

Our Vision

To make AACARI the organization of choice for regional agriculture development for the Caribbean farmers and their communities.

Overarching Objective

Providing an umbrella organisation for agriculture organizations and groups across the Caribbean to strengthen and encourage the sector as a whole; increasing public understanding and providing the mechanism and support needed for such bodies to build their capacity, connect, partner, and increase their contributions to improving the quality of life for its members.

For Farmers

Benefits of joining AACARI
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Crop InsuranceApply to individual farmers or members who are vulnerable to disasters. This group can include crop farmers (open field and protected agriculture), livestock farmers, bee keepers, poultry farmers, horticulturists and some processors.

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Retirement FundOpen to all individual members who will be required to pay $100.00 per month . Members have the option of saving 5% of their revenue in this fund and will be allowed to borrow up to 75% of the amount saved in the fund at attractive interest rates.

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Member AssistanceEstablishing Markets, Export Readiness, Planning, Education, Communication, Certification, Standards and Quality, Information Technology, Protected Agriculture – Manual and Automated, Farmers Market, HAACP and SPS Certification etc.

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International AccessTraining in capacity building and relatred farm improvement activities. Members also receive access to international organizations.

Our Partners

AACARI offers audited provenance and blockchain based trusted market place with the help of the following partnerships.


Pictures of some of our members.
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What is AACARI?

Formed in 2004, and rebranded in 2018. AACARI is a regional alliance of Farmers’ Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the Caribbean.

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AACARI offers several services as part of the membership program.